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Web Design

We provide various services. We gather specialist, who are focused on efficient and scalable infrastructure design, good quality backend applications and fast, responsive script. We do provide subscription offers for you to feel even more comfortable and concentrate on the work you have to do.


We believe that user experience is the key to success for any of you projects. We provide full analysis and design of user experience. As well a stunning, modern and unique user interface.


Marketing is divided into two segments. Online marketing is more common nowadays, but for some of our clients’ traditional marketing is the only way to success and take their business to the whole new level.


Branding is our fad. Branding is where your story begins. Branding is where the client gets the first contact with your company and gain trust. VM-co will make sure that your business will stand out and shine among others.


Localization API


Server Security

We can provide your business with the best options. Most secured and the greenest servers in Switzerland. The main objective is to run your online presence as smooth as possible.

Project Management

We have an experience in Project Management. We will create various communication strategies between your workers and clients; this is where A|B testing and similar tools are coming. Let’s bring ideas into life with the iterative, incremental and flexible flow with low-risk economical strategy.


We are happy to share our knowledge and software experience with your businesses. Every time we examine the issue deeply and create various possible solutions. Our research is very strict, relying on statistics, benchmarks, evidence, and hard gained experience. We offer flexible and crafted subscription offers for your business to success.

Traffic Generation

Our team of social media experts and content writers will get to work actively promoting your website. The key to online success is exposure – we can drive traffic to your new website. All of our development work is SEO-optimized, so your website meets today’s search engine guidelines.

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